The Bunion Solution 3.0

Comprehensive Training Developed by 

DL Walker, MS., Ed., PT. Specializing in Natural Foot and Ankle Correction.


The only non-surgical online program designed to get rid of bunions for good in just eight minutes a day.

  • Have you been told you need surgery to remove your bunion?

  • ​Have you tried one-size-fits-all gadgets that don't work?

  • Tired of spending $$$ on special footwear?​

  • Are you experiencing a lot of pain and just about out of hope?

Don't Give Up Just Yet!

The Bunion Solution Master Program will change  everything you thought you knew about bunions.

  • Effective: Results remain over time.
  • Efficient: Just 8 minutes a day. 
  • Easy: Step by step video instructions. 


A whole body approach, designed to get to the root cause of your bunion.


Enjoy lasting results!

"What I love most about DL's healing philosophy is it's grounded in how our natural body works. She works to restore the structure so the body can get on with healing itself, the way it's designed to. Applying DL's techniques will get results, and you'll feel better."

– Mary Kay Cetan

Doctor Oriental Medicine. Sarasota, FL

The Bunion Solution Difference

  • Bunion Risk Factor Questionnaire: Discover your bunion type for a more targeted and effective treatment. 

  • Trademarked Techniques: Find out why Doctors come to me to learn my exclusive treatment method.  

  • 30 Years Experience: In Fitness, Rehab,  & Manual PT. 

  • Works with Your Whole Body: By getting to the root cause, your whole body will improve over time. 

All this in 8 weeks:

  • Adjusted Alignment: Your foot will feel better (2 weeks) and look better (4-6 weeks).

  • Better Balance: The big toe is the primary balancer in the foot. As you align your whole body, you'll be less likely to fall.

  • Footwear Freedom: Wear stylish shoes without suffering.

  • ​Effortless Mobility: Everything you do will become easier - walking, jogging, hiking, even simply standing.

  • ​Enhanced Walking: The feet are to humans as tires are to a car. Anyone with a Bunion is walking with a "flat tire". Fix your flat tire and you're away!

  • Elimination of Pain: Renewed vigor and vitality. 

Here's How It Works

By ordering now, you take your first step forward to naturally eliminating pain and resolving your bunion problems!

Notice the continual improvement, just days after applying my exclusive technique.

The Bunion Solution 3.0 Program

  • Lifetime Learning: Step by step video tutorials and the latest bunion information. Includes expert updates.  VALUED AT $1997.

  • ​8 Recorded Online Classes with DL: Stay on track and learn from the expert. Discover the root cause of YOUR bunion for the quickest result.  VALUED AT $1600.

  • ​DL Direct: Any questions? Ask away! Access via email or discounted live sessions. PRICELESS

  • ​Live Platform: As a member you are invited to attend live online classes with DL to learn new material and answer your questions. Share, learn, be inspired. PRICELESS

The Bunion Solution

The non-surgical treatment for bunions.


Your Bonus

  • A Foot Overhaul: Create a base that's sturdy, sound and sustainable for life. 

  • Taping for a night out on the town: Learn strategies for wearing dress shoes safely and pain free.  

  • Discounts with DL: Enjoy your 20% discount for all private consults with DL. For life!

  • Better Balance: Additional strategies to improve your balance. 

"DL did more for me in one afternoon, than all the treatments I've had in the last 9 yrs."

- Deb Ladig, Tennis Pro. Houston, TX

Deb's knee and heal alignment improves after just 2 sessions!

My daughter's teacher died of complications from elective knee surgery. 


It was a routine operation. This young woman had her whole life in front of her. She had a bad knee. That's it.


It's a tragic reality. Over 250,000 people die every year as a result of medical complications from surgery, in the US alone. It doesn't matter how big or small the procedure.


I personally experienced severe pain a week after undergoing elective surgery 5 years ago. Something felt terribly wrong. My doctor dismissed me and referred me on. My surgeon told me what I was describing was impossible. I felt so minimised and frustrated. The pain and sickness meant I couldn't work, and it had a massive impact on my whole family. 


Time and again I hear similar stories. 


As a medical professional I was eventually able to get the correct diagnosis and treatment needed. I have connections and I know the industry. 


Most people don't. 


I want to use my expertise, knowledge and experience to empower others to self-heal.   


I'll help you understand the why behind the diagnosis, and give you all my knowledge, step-by-step, so you can correct your bunion, ease your pain and take control of your health.


My work is dedicated to the angels who have left us, and for those who continue to suffer. 

DL Walker

Clinical Foot and Ankle Specialist

Compare The Risk. Compare The Cost.



  • Traumatic. Often requires cutting of muscle, bone, and insertion of hardware

  • Potentially serious side effects. Recurrence of bunion. Over correction. Infection.

  • ​The potential of a lifetime of other side effects. Nerve damage. Stiffness in joint. Failure to relieve pain. 

  • ​No guarantee. There's a failure rate with traditional bunion surgery and you won't receive a refund if it doesn't work.  



  • Addresses only one symptom. People develop bunions for multiple reasons. Requires a lifetime of use.

  • Potential negative side effects. There's always potential side effects from medication.

  • ​Orthotics only fit certain shoes. Say goodbye to your favorites.

  • Time wasted traveling, and waiting for your Doctor's appointment. Several hours are often spent enduring travel and waiting time. Forever!

  • ​No guarantee. There's no satisfaction guarantee. You won't receive a refund.


$44/week or one time payment of $312

  • Less than one hour per week. Treat your bunion in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you best.  

  • Lasting pain relief. Every person who has completed this program reported decreased pain.

  • ​A foot that looks better and a body that feels great! By correcting your toe properly, your whole body will feel the benefits. Decreased pain in your knee, hip and back.  

  • 30-Day Free Bonus: Complete the 8 week program and receive an additional 30-Days Free access. Plus Free access to Correcticise™ providing you with corrective activities for your entire body. 

Is this program for you?

  • You want a quick fix

  • You're not willing to put in the work

  • You don't want a natural solution

  • You're ready to commit time to your self-care. You know you deserve it.

  • You want to improve the look and feel of your feet naturally so you can move effortlessly, and get back to the activities you love.

  • You're looking for an effective bunion prevention solution.

"DL has a unique understanding of the human body and an unwavering dedication to uncovering the source of your problem. Her solutions are quick, practical, and easy to do."

–​ Marianne Sun, Business Coach FL  

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any other programs like this one?

How long before I get rid of pain?

Why don't Doctors or Podiatrists know about this method?

When can I expect to see a change in my Bunion?

What happens if I have to stop the program? 

Will this program allow me to avoid surgery?

Does this program require special training?

What makes this program different than other non-surgical bunion treatments?

How can I get help if I am stuck? 

Can I combine days to fit my schedule?

What if I'm having difficulty using the Tape?

What is the best thing I can do to ensure success with this program?  

"DL's concepts have strongly influenced the way I work and treat my own patients.  She has a unique understanding of physiology, and can quickly diagnose the root cause using her unique evaluation technique.  I've sought her advice on several of my tough patients. She has helped me, my family, and members of my staff recover and thrive!"

–​ Tamar Amitay, PT, Principal and Owner Thrive Physical Therapy, NYC

Have More Questions?

Sure-Fire Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I know my program works. If you follow my steps and don't see or feel an improvement after 7 days, contact DL. 

Valued at $3597, The Bunion Solution 3.0=$44 weekly



"It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something." 

–​ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Who is DL Walker?

DL Walker has over 20 years experience in physical therapy, exercise physiology, massage, neurophysiology, athletic training and alternative medicine.


She holds a Bachelor Degree in Science majoring in Physical Therapy and Fitness/Cardiac Rehab, and a Masters Degree in Exercise Science. She has been credentialed as a Health Coach and Certified Functional Manual Therapist.


She specializes in health and sports performance enhancement through an integrated approach that includes education, counsel, and exercise to foster physical strength and injury prevention.


She has worked as Strength and Conditioning Coach for the US Olympic Committee, Personal Trainer for the Sports Training Institute in NYC, and Exercise Physiologist for the Saint Francis Hospital, New York.


Her work has been published in Advance for PT Magazine.


She founded Fun Fitness Physical Therapy, PC, where she provided home health rehabilitation services to patients. She has developed a unique fall prevention program, which is currently used by a New York City Home Health Agency. She developed and implemented a research study to determine the effects of physical therapy and exercise on falls, for a major NYC senior services supplier.


She was part of a development team at the US Olympic Education Centre, to create sport specific exercise programs for Olympic level athletes. 

  • Qualified

  • Dedicated

  • Successful

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  • If you do not feel that this program is benefiting you- contact us.

  • Live classes every other week until further notice.

  • Step-by-step video instruction using The Foot Freedom Formula to change the look and feel painful, unsightly Bunions.

  • Downloadable PDFs, as well as step by step written instructions supporting each of these videos. 

  • Lesson that will take you through step by step in the exact order necessary to achieve change in the look and feel of your bunion and even your entire foot. 

  • Free communication directly to the program's creator DL Walker, BS, MS Ed. to ask any questions.

Choose to pay either a one time payment of $312 (coming to $39/week), or a 8 weekly payments of $44.00.


After the 8 week program, you will be granted an additional 4 weeks free to continue access to your membership.

DL Walker

Clinical Foot and Ankle Specialist

Her 25 years of experience from Cardiology to the Olympic Training Room has prepared her to teach people how to heal themselves using non-invasive, simple strategies.


She is a professional contributor to teaching the public techniques and strategies to prevent injury, improve performance and manage pain. 

This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. Every person's body is different and Individual Results will vary. Consult your Doctor before starting any program.


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