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Start on your path to reduce/eliminate pain and change the look of your bunions today!
The Bunion Solution Program
The Bunion Solution Program


Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back


Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
Special Offer: Try The Bunion Solution Now FREE for 30 Days!
What is The Bunion Solution?

The Bunion Solution Program is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind system that will help you put an end to painful, unsightly Bunions.

This program incorporates the most effective strategies to permanently change the look and feel of your foot and bunion.   

You can expect to achieve: 

  • Bunion Pain Relief in 3 days or less.  
  • Reduction in Bunion Size within 2 weeks. 

Using; specialize tape, targeted release (similar to massage) and exercise the program incorporates the principles of the 4R's, Release, Reposition, Reduce Inflammation, Re-education. Performed properly, these key components are the elements you need to achieve success.

  •  Easy to Follow introductory videos. Like an ebook with video. 
  •  A Quick and Simple Plan that will take no more than 8 minutes a day.
  •  A program where no special skills are required. If you can touch your feet, move your feet, measure and stick tape then you have all the skills necessary to do the program.
  •  Targeted, eight minute lessons, designed to eliminate pain and the cause of your Bunion permanently.
  •  A Comprehensive system which utilizes the patent pending 4R System of Pain Relief and Structural Change. 
Our founders previous work, research and programs have been affiliated with:

About the Program's Creator

DL Walker BS, MS Ed, is a Clinical Foot and Ankle Specialist, utilizing 20 years experience and training in; Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Massage, Neurophysiology, Athletic Training and Alternative Medicine, has developed this comprehensive and targeted system that has transformed thousands of feet to look better, feel better, and move better.
"I created fixuonline to empower people to take control of their health. After teaching thousands of therapists, I realized that using video technology, I could develop online programs that will teach people to heal their own bodies using this same system."
  • Degrees and Certificates:
    • Downstate Medical Center: Bachelor of Science: Physical Therapy.
    • Queens College: Master's of Science: Exercise Science.
    • Ithaca College: Bachelor of Science: Fitness/Cardiac Rehab.
    • Institute of Physical Art: Certified Functional Manual Therapist.
    • Amer. Academy of Ortho. Manual Therapists: Fellow in Training.
    • The Health Network: Health Coach.
  • Professional Experience: 
    • US Olympic Committee: Strength and Conditioning Coach
    • Sports Training Institute: Personal Trainer
    • National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Care: PTSt. 
    • Francis Hospital: Exercise Physiologist
  • Publications:
    • Fear of Falling. 
    • Don’t Let Your Doctor Have the Last Word.
    • Children’s Backpacks.
  • Course Development: 
    • Assessment and Treatment  for Balance Enhancement and Fall Prevention.
    • Assessment and Treatment of Walking
    • Assessment and Treatment of the Pelvis, Coccyx and Pelvic Floor.
    • Assessment and Treatment of the Foot and Ankle.
    • The Bunion Solution.
    • The Toe Walking Solution.
    • The Tailor's Bunion Solution
    • The Heel Pain Solution
    • The Hammer Toe Solution
She is a professional contributor to a YouTube channel, fixuonlinetv that is dedicated to teaching the public techniques and strategies to prevent injury, improve performance and manage pain. 

She founded Fun Fitness Physical Therapy, PC where she provided home health rehabilitation services to patients in their home for 10 years and developed a unique and comprehensive fall prevention program built upon a complex analysis of sensory input, muscle strength, attention capacity, disease, and medications. She helped to develop and implement a research study to determine the effect of a physical therapy and exercise on falls with a major supplier of senior services in NYC.  

Ms. Walker was part of a development team at the United States Olympic Education Center that created sport specific exercise programs for Olympic level athletes. She has been affiliated with the nationally recognized St. Francis Hospital, and the National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Care.   

Ms. Walker earned her MS from Queens College in Exercise Science, a BS from SUNY Health Science Center Brooklyn in Physical Therapy, and a BS from Ithaca College in Cardiac Rehabilitation. She specializes in health and sports performance enhancement through an integrated approach that includes education, counsel, and exercise to foster physical strength and injury prevention.
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This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease .  Every person's body is different and Individual Results will vary.  Consult your Doctor before starting any program. This product utilizes Kinesiotape which you will need to purchase on your own the price of the K-Tape is approximately $10 per roll.

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