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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I ask a question?
First, check to see if you question has been answered in the FAQ page. If not, you can contact DL directly via email:
How do I get a refund?
You can email:
How long before I get rid of pain?
The very first lesson in the program, typically reduces pain by 80%. Pain should be gone by the end of the first week. 
How long before I see results?
It will vary from person to person. You will be recording a measurement,  the Circumference of the Bunion, prior to starting and each week.  I expect that many of you will record a reduction in size as early as Week 2.
Are there any side effects?
You may experience some mild discomfort or muscle soreness this should last no more that 24-48 hours. A more common side effect is that you will feel more grounded in your foot and have better balance. 
Why don't Doctor's or Podiatrist know about this method?
Simply put it is not their training. Medical Doctors are trained in treating disease and dysfunction with, pills, injections, or surgery. Podiatrist have similar training and also cast for orthotics  which cost several hundred to several thousand dollars. Orthotics like bunion bracing may be effective in easing pain but they don't address the cause of a bunion and do not change its appearance.  
I am not a professional, how can I do this?
First, You are more familiar and know more about you body than any professional. If you can touch your feet, move your feet, measure, use scissors, experience tenderness and apply a piece of tape; then you have all of the skills necessary for this program. The video instruction is much like today's telemedicine and although this type of care is not widespread yet, the research has shown that its effectiveness is no different than traditional Physical Therapy.
What if I am allergic to tape?
There are hypoallergenic alternatives out there, I have an entire pdf dedicated to choosing your tape. If you are still unable to use tape, then you can use a Bunion Brace. 
I have Bunions on both feet can I address both at the same time?
Yes, however, I would recommend that you wait a week or two and become familiar with the techniques before starting the second foot.
I have a Bunion Brace can I use it instead of taping?
The program is designed to use tape and I know that the tape is more specific, so I strongly encourage you to use it. If however you are allergic to the tape, then a Brace is better than not being able to do the program.
Can I combine days of the program?
Yes, the program is designed in such a way that 1 day will build on the next.
Can I skip a day?
Ideally No. But if you must skip a day then it is recommended that you make up for that day on the following one. You may also just push back the entire program by 1 or 2 days. It is not recommended that you skip more than 3 consecutive days..
How can I contact the office for technical/billing issues?
You can email
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